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Feeling Anxious About Starting Art Therapy?

Updated: Nov 14, 2023

Starting art therapy might bring up lots of anxiety and fear. One common fear I hear is, "I don't think my art skills are good enough" or "I'm not an artist". No art experience or knowledge is needed to benefit from art therapy. In fact, I have had many people attend art therapy who haven't made any art since elementary school. The focus of art therapy is more on your process of making art rather than the final art piece. And, there is no one way of making art and no wrong way! Also, if you have questions about the art materials and how they work you can always ask the art therapist.

Another common worry is that the art therapist might interpret your art. While an art therapist may ask questions about what you create they will not interpret your art or determine what it means. Questions an art therapist asks about your art are to help you to gain a deeper understanding of your experience and your thoughts and feelings.

If you're curious about starting art therapy but are feeling anxious about it, you can always reach out to an art therapist to ask questions.

Person placing art materials on paper.

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